Topic For Today: Masturbation!

Sounds like it could be a risque topic, but in reality it’s not. It’s a pretty natural thing to do for most people. In fact it’s become a stress relieving technique for many. I don’t want to talk about it’s supposed benefits or the many ways to do it. Nope, I want to talk about why I continually try to give it up.

Maybe not give it up forever, but I am giving it up for a time. I do this every so often for religious purposes. There are many types of fasts that a person can complete. These are foods, drinks, a particular activity etc. Typically, in order for it to be a real ‘fasting’ you must give up something that you enjoy. Masturbation is right up there, at least it is in prison. What’s funny is that masturbation is considered “self mutilation” in prison and is therefore…banned. LOL. Ridiculous. 

I don’t know exactly why it’s banned but my sneaking suspicion is because there is the possibility that a female may come in contact with you at some point and may accidentally witness you in your “self-mutilating”. It’s almost like they were completely unaware when they applied for the job of Corrections Officer that they maybe going to an all male facility. Gasp! You mean…there’s going to be men there?! And they could be….oh the horror of it all…masturbating….THOSE ANIMALS! LOL HAHA!

I can’t help it, but the very notion that a female who might be offended at men acting like men in a men’s prison would even consider working here is utterly ridiculous. But, to each their own right. Not my fight. I’m off track, but I had to throw that in there.

Fasting, anyway. It’s profitable for a person to give up something and I frequently give up masturbating. I like to call it whamming on the whammer. Don’t know why, but it makes it sound less dangerous. It is my opinion that medically (I am no doctor mind you) it may be healthy, but spiritually it can be a stumbling block. I say that not because its condemned somewhere clearly, but because you have to think of someone in order to complete your mission. That is where adultery comes in.

Because I am not sure if its really adultery, or whatever I continually feel guilty when I do it. However, there is the more primal need to “release”. I don’t know how women feel about it internally, but for men, it really is a primal thing, like the need to sleep, eat and wham on their whammer. Not sure why, but it is what it is. That leaves me with fasting from it. Because it does seem to be a built in desire, like eating or sleeping, I know that it’s depriving myself of something, so I do it for God. 

I could say that I am suffering like an emeciated man who hasn’t eaten for a week in the name of God. That would be false though, fact is I enjoy fasting, especially fasting from this. It presents a unique challenge for me that is fun to test me pyschological resolve and determination. It also brings me spiritually closer to Jesus, I don’t know how, but it does somehow. Perhaps there is someone out there that can explain this to me? Until then, I urge everyone out there to try.

I go for 30-90 days at a time. I am currently on day 14 of 30. I may extend it to 60.