Why This Website Exists:

Though I do like to hear my own voice rattle on from time to time, this website is not just to vent my insides. Admittedly, it feels like that most of the time. However, I do have a goal, a reason for the existence of this blog.
I want to advocate for LGBTQ rights, I don’t like the oppression of any people, but, specifically I care about my people. Even more pointedly, I care about gay inmates. Though, when I get out of this place I will be full on advocating for all LGBTQ rights. I hate that the fight for equality is still going on and I want to get as many voices together as possible to figure out how to end it. I want to end LGBTQ oppression.
I like the idea of starting in here, right now. This is one of the last places (meaning prison) that still continues to advocate for segregation. The inmates push for it, the staff allows it and administration does nothing to stop it. Furthermore, no one here is helping me at all.
I am left to fend for myself when it comes to people hating me. I have been told on numerous occasions “what would you like to see happen” or “I have no idea how to help you”. This place still believes that if you put more than one homosexual in the same area they are inevitably going to screw. As if we are uncontrollably over sexed. Getting these guys to even listen to me is like pulling teeth and they will tell me anything just to shut me up, including yes me to death. Then ignore me for as long as humanly possible.
The fact is there is still homophobia, and I don’t know that I can end that. However, someone else’s insecurity about a whole group of people is not my problem. Surely, if you become a C/O in a prison you are well aware that there will be all walks of life. You should have been fully prepared that you will have to deal with gays and then some.
My major problem is that we are consenting adults and we have sexual urges and drives, and although I am capable of being abstinent, sleeping with another man shouldn’t be illegal. Like it is in prison. In fact, dating shouldn’t be illegal in prison. But, I am fully capable of holding that peace until I get out because although I don’t agree with them, I do fully understand why that policy is in place. Tolerance is lacking in this place and I want people to understand that we may be out of sight, but we shouldn’t be forgotten. We are your brothers and fathers and sons and daughters. We are your neighbors and your loved ones. Not everyone wants help, but there are plenty of us that do. So this is me reaching out, telling you that there is a problem and it’s fixable. It just needs a little attention.

I will continue to press this issue as long as it takes. Take care, with love

Jeff Utnage