Sunday, January 17th 2016

Be Inspired:

This morning I was watching a TV evangelical preacher. I actually kind of loathe him, however, I have matured enough that I can look past some of his views and hear a good message. What he was talking about was persevering and continuing to go on no matter what is happening. I heard something that was awful inspiring. So now I just have to share it.
Being a failure does not mean that you have failed. Everyone will fail. Being a failure is falling down and failing to get back up. That’s a failure. That one message was worth listening the a hate filled charismatic on TV. Because you know what? He’s right. God doesn’t want us to fail. God wants us to be strong winners. Sometimes, most time….ok all the time, winning doesn’t happen by accident. Winning and succeeding at something requires falling down, a lot. We just have to accept that rarely will we get something right the first time. It takes losing to know what it takes to win. That’s where we have the advantage, we can persevere.
I know that it’s hard to see me as someone who is walking a Christian life because I curse sometimes and I get a little spiteful. But, you know what that means? It means I am human. Yeah, newsflash, I ain’t got everything all figured out. I know it’s going to come as a blindside, LOL!
I am happy to report that’s the good news though. That is the reason we can be Christians too ( I mean we as in the LGBTQ Community) no matter what anyone says. So I am going to do what I set out to do right now. DO NOT! I repeat, DO NOT, allow anyone to deter you from being a follower of Jesus Christ. If you have felt the tug on your heart, or you conscious, answer. The fact is that the bible doesn’t really address homosexuality. I know that some translations say so, but that is mans two cents. Those that have studied the Word and its original¬†verbage have almost always agreed that the Bible doesn’t really address it in the new testament. Do your own research, use any Strongs…
It’s ok! Here is the good news, we as gay and lesbian people and everything that comes with the LGBTQ community are uniquely designed to withstand pressure. We can do this, we won’t be excluded from anything because some insecure bigots are trying to prevent us from seeing the glory of God. Well, I am here to tell you that no one can prevent that. Don’t allow someone else’s attitude and insecurities to stop you now. It doesn’t stop us from switching our hips or sauntering into the coffee shop. It doesn’t stop us from turning every head we do and it certainly shouldn’t stop you from being a follower of the most glorious thing we know. Jesus Christ. I know that some cringe at that, associating that name with hypocrisy and hatred. But not this guy, not this homo, for me it’s freedom and I want you to experience the same relief as I have. I love you like family and I hope that I have lifted your spirits!

With Love

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