It’s no secret that my goal in life is to bridge the gap between the LGBTQ community and the Christian community. But that is a tall order to try and fill. Both sides of the fence are very much against the other at times. Both sides can be very stiff-necked about the other.

It’s no secret that Christians can be so snobby and stuck up with their belief systems. It’s been like that for generations. Have you ever read about the Crusades? The times we live in are hardly the violent crusades. But they are tumultuous times. It’s difficult to try and answer the call that God gives us when we have no place to turn to for guidance. God calls us and we may or may not attempt to answer. For whatever reason.

This is awful because God grants freedom to His followers. This means everyone. It don’t matter if you are gay or not. Your sexuality doesn’t matter to God, He knows what’s up, He created you. Now I know many Christians stomachs will turn at this next statement, but truth hurts. Many people don’t have the choice, we are born gay. We can fight it all we want, but we can’t change our sexuality no more that you can change the color of your skin. Honestly, I don’t really care if you believe that or not. You have no idea, do you?

Unless you yourself have made a decision to start suddenly liking the same sex, you don’t have any idea what your talking about. I’d even go so far as to say your talking right out of your ass. Spouting off garbage that some Evangelist nut job with self-esteem issues spouted off in a tirade of hatred because he himself was probably gay. Closeted humans who won’t accept their GENETIC differences can be terrible people. In the process they find something as beautiful as the Bible and turn it into this monstrosity under the cloak of “interpretation”. Screw you…

God is perfection, His people can suck. But here is the deal guys, under that same cloak of insecurities there is always the flip side of that coin. Nothing makes me angrier then some flippant Christian calling me an abomination. But I have to remember that I am a Christian too. I believe in God and Jesus Christ and no one…let me say that again…NO ONE will EVER tell me what I can and can’t do. One Man came to earth, born a virgin, induced by the Holy Spirit of God walked the planet as a holy and righteous example of God in the flesh. He says that we are to love one another. Nowhere did he ever say, “find someone who is a little different and persecute the shit out of them because I am going to leave things a little unclear” No!
Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t follow God right here and right now. God loves you and He wants you under His wings. He wants you in His shadow to love and protect you. He doesn’t like it when His kids run around acting up and preaching hate. They will have to answer for that in the day of judgement, that’s not our problem to judge them. We know the truth. In the meantime, answer the call. Accept His love.

With Love..
Ruth Utnage 823469