Pride Marches: How Do I Get Involved?

Being in prison limits my ability to interact with my community out there…obviously. I don’t say that with a “ohh, feel sorry for me tone” but rather a statement of fact. It is what it is. It doesn’t change the fact that I still want to take part in the outside communities lives as much as possible. 
When I was not incarcerated I kept my sexuality under wraps, going so far as to maintain a marriage and kids etc etc, but inside I really wanted to take part in the gay community. For many reasons, some of which I have outlines in previous posts, I was afraid of coming out. So now that I am out and proud I want to be able to take part in those community events that build relationships.
I don’t think that DOC is going to allow me to have a pride march here on the breezeway. In fact, I think that may be a fear of theirs. If there is too many of us together wer going to start marching with our shirts tied in knots, our state issue khakis turned into daisy duke booty shorts and our pastel chalks and markers for make-up. I am still waiting for an answer on my LGBTQ groups proposal that was submitted on 6-15-15, one that apparently they are just so confused about that they are still not answering me, even though last week I got a reply from the Superintendent saying “we are making a decision now”. Well, that was last week…so something is going on that they are trying to figure out. Obviously, somebody somewhere is still digging their nails into the floor and hanging on to their hatred of homosexuals.
I am still wanting to take part, someway, in the Pride parade that happens in June. I have never been to one but want to, and it’s about time. Perhaps I can make a flyer to raise awareness about the lost gays in prison, or the lost transgendered or insert letter of the alphabet “here”. Or do drawings, or hobby crafts and take part that way. I don’t know, what I do know is that I am aching to take part in my community, I hope that something arises soon to help me out with this. I have lots of time to think about it. 
I have a few friends that go every year and send me pictures of the half naked participants and the ridiculous outfits and the massive amounts of parade goers. I find myself yearning for that comeradery. 

When you go to Pride this year, think of those that can’t and march a block for me!

With Love

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