Pimps: Do You Believe It’s Right or Wrong?

I grew up fairly nomadic. My mother doing her best to bring stability into my life while her own was messy. Just a fact of life. She instilled in me values verbally, but her actions spoke so much louder. In some cases it’s what she failed to do that was instilled in me, like tolerate an abusive boyfriend. I ended up doing the same thing, almost exact. She never thought that was something I would allow to happen, after all she did eventually leave him and become independent, just like the movies.
Often times we think it’s funny or cute when a little boy imitates adults actions. The proof of their training being posted for all to see. Then we view them and laugh and re-share, downplaying what’s really going on, which is real abuse. That child is being taught values that are of little value for a crime free life.
I am in a place where the real life versions of those go, prison. Do you think it’s funny when your two year old sags his pants, pulls his sippy cup out of his mouth and start imitating the men in his life. Shouting obscenities and beating his chest in anger “imma gwown azz man, pimp fo life!” Or as best a two year old can pronounce it. The problem is obvious in that case, but yet that’s real, that’s happening. You think it’s funny now, it will be hilarious when that same little boy beats your daughters face in fifteen years later and forces her to turn tricks for his pocket money. Yup, real funny, post another one!
There are many variations of that same scenario that play out daily. Young, immature parents laughing at their children harmlessly imitating something that they shouldn’t be. This is no laughing matter at all. We have the freedom of choice at a certain age, whatever age you discover it, but if a value system is put in place when you are unable to choose right from wrong…what then? That person is doing exactly what was taught to them. Modern parenting knows that an adults personality and character traits are largely developed in the first three years of a child’s life. That’s a scary thought if your teaching your child to throw angry tirades and beat his chest, demanding respect.
I was talking to a man a while ago and we began our conversation on whether I was born gay or if something happened as a child to “turn” me gay? I found it interesting that he believed certain things to be “bred” into our lineages. Specifically, pimping. I’ll quote him “you cant judge nobody cause you never know what their family bred into them, for instance, some ****** got the gift of pimpin’, it’s in their blood to be pimps, some don’t”.
That mans view is that of many young urban children currently. Dealing drugs and gang life and pimping is a way of life. One that is respectable in their social networks, one that is taught and coveted. What do you do about that? That’s not rhetorical either, seriously, if you have any ideas they need to be voiced.
This mindset is ugly and dangerous to us all. This is how our children become victims, our neighborhoods become riddled with violence and how we grow up to have mindsets that make room for immoral behavior. We make decisions as adults to do right or to do wrong. We cannot blame our surroundings for our current actions. You are solely responsible for your current ability or inability to maintain a quality of life that you find acceptable in a legal manner, people do it every day, no excuses why you can’t either.
You have the ability to rise above your past. Only you can be the difference that’s needed in your life. Something isn’t going right in your life, fix it, you have the choice. Make no mistakes about robbers, pimps, drug dealers and gangsters; their lazy lifestyles and ability to use people to their advantage without a care (in fact, they feel entitled to it) is your fault. Do you want to stop the police? Render them useless. The children of today are the criminals of tomorrow and that’s completely up to us.

With Love

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