The One Million Soul Dream:

Over the past month or so I have been writing short stories in the privacy of my cell. They were admittedly erotic on nature, but appropriate for a gay male. As I got deeper into my mind and started to get bored with it I wondered what I could do to develop a real storyline, and inevitably I wrote about the same characters for a while. Then one night I had a dream that the Lord was talking to me, He asked me if the stories were helping my walk with Him. I of course said no. They were not helping in any way other then removing the clutter that was in my head. Kind of like vomitting on paper, alot.
He then went on to tell me that I needed to get rid of them, they were creating a chasm between me and Him, that He was still with me, but I was approaching dangerous ground. So I agreed to get rid of them, in the dream.
Yesterday, while everyone was watching the big game I was channel surfing and stuffing my face with nachos that were way to spicy for any person to eat (I might as well have been maced, it would have made me cry less!) that dream came up in my thoughts and I did exactly what it told me to do, which was get rid of the stumbling block. 
I know that many people believe that dreams are simply thought compilations that create a story line while the memories are filed away into some brain storage…blah blah blah. Honestly, most of the time I feel that way to, unless there is some strong emotion attached to them, then I have a tendency to listen to them at least, at least entertain what happened. In this case I did it, and you know what, I am happy I did. It is better to do something for God that is righteous then to not do something and have it held against you, if that makes sense. This brings up to memory another dream I had some time ago…
I was standing in a crowd of people and there was a friend on a stage waiting to speak and he was calling me up to stage. But everyone was Spanish speaking and I told him that I couldn’t speak spanish. He coaxed me anyway and told me to just speak, so after some convincing I just started speaking and in my dream I was speaking fluent spanish! It was weird because I was thinking english but spanish was coming out. I was absolutely shocked by what was happening. My friend just looked at me and smiled, he had known all along what was going to happen. I didn’t take away from that experience that I am going to suddenly and miraculously speak spanish someday (though I am trying to learn). I did take away from that dream that I needed to step out in faith. I needed to try. I couldn’t stay in the safety of my little tiny bubble anymore.
I have been looking for opportunities to do just that. So I do things like throw away a months worth of erotic stories in faith that God didn’t like them and that they were creating a stumbling block for me. I have been thinking though, what if I stepped out in faith even bigger? What if I created a goal to have a one million soul drive to convince one million people to believe in God and get saved according to the loving God I know and cherish? What if? What would that hurt? How in the world could that end in any other way then good? 
It would be neat to create a website that people could simply sign there initials to. Each new initial would signify a new soul that now knows God. The credit all given to God and no one else. What faith that would take huh? Perhaps one day I could do just that, step out in faith