Beyonce At The Superbowl:

I heard on the news that ole’ Rudy Guliani got all butt hurt over Beyonce’s performance. Apparently he was offended or something at her lyrics and the fact that her back up dancers resembled Black Panthers. Her lyrics, btw, spoke of her physical appearance and her parents birthing locals. Nothing too seedy there.
I just honestly can’t believe that she is coming under fire for this at all. The woman is proud to be black, as well she should be. She is beautiful inside and out there is nothing wrong with being proud of who you are. No one should have anything to say about her expressing her pride. 
I know that she is beautiful and unaplogetically black, and it shouldn’t be any other way. Like me, I am gay and I won’t apologize for being gay. Not to anyone. 
I like men and I like to have sex with other men. I won’t apologize for it and and I’m proud of the fact that I was born different than most. That to me is a wonderful thing that should be celebrated and she should be singing about it. For the whole world to hear. As far as the Black Panther wardrobes, you go gurl! Even though I am white and from Nebraska originally, that doesn’t mean I am not educated enough to know that the Black Panthers were key to moving african americans into modern equality and anyone who is offended at their presence is simply afraid…like most bigots.

I am sorry to say that ole’ Rudy’s panties may be in a bunch, but honestly it seems as though this is a sad man pining for the attention of many. Sorry pal, get off her, if you want attention go streaking or something. Beyonce is timeless and she is a mentor and role model for women everywhere of every color and age and for anyone to try and bring her down for showing pride in who she is, the things that make her Beyonce, the things that make her different and instead of being ashamed of her genetic differences she is celebrating them.

Who in the world, in their right mind, would ever want to stop that? 

Be proud of the things that make you, you. Don’t ever apologize for them to anyone for any reason, you owe nobody no explanation for why you are you. So be proud, if your black or hispanic or asian or gay or bi or transgendered or whatever you are be proud and fly your flag high for all to see, don’t take it down for anyone for any reason.

With Love,

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