I see your eyes drifting between my thighs
Wanting what I got ain’t no surprise
Salivate tonight and protest me tomorrow
Filling my Sunday’s with sorrow
I feel your pain I was once like you
See a man and my balls turn blue
Afraid of what that means
Mind racing through the scenes
Lay with me tonight tell me your in love
My darling, my sweet, we fit like a glove
You’ll be here in the morning, i’m sure
Just like our one night love is pure
You wouldn’t use me, not with hands like that
Walking all over me like some filthy mat
You want what I got between my thighs
Suck you off and swallow your lies
You beg me for it, you’ll pay me even
Just keep your little secret every now and then
Keep your money i’m proudly gay
Get your ass out, your guilt and shame can’t stay
I won’t apologize or feel sorry, not for you
I made a vow that to myself i’ll be true
Strut myself down this street
Proudly gay to every soul I meet
My Sunday’s won’t be filled with hate
I’ll be in the pew, best believe I won’t be late
Preach that sermon
Tell everyone i’m vermin
Don’t you remember last night
Is this our first lovers fight
When eveyone’s around i’m enemy number one
Your filthy rag you publically shun
I’m a proud gay man and i’ll stand without fear
I won’t cry for Sunday’s, not one more tear
God loves me and i’ll follow to
I’ll be in heaven, no doubt, but will you?

Jeff Utnage 823469
Stafford creek correction center
191 Constantine way
Aberdeen, WA 98520

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