Refusing Same-Sex Marriage: Religious Freedom To Hate

This subject gets me lit up like a Christmas tree. I can’t stand that there are pastor’s out there professing to have God’s love in their heart and denying two human beings the sanctity of marriage. Bastards. You can’t use the bible as a tool to protect your hatred and bigotry. 
Those bigots forget that this trick has already been done before and it never lasts forever. First it was slavery that was the right of people, then it was the oppression of women now it’s LGBT. I can twist scripture to make it sound like anything I want and then just call it a new translation, that doesn’t make it right.
Kinda like trying to “sell your soul to the devil” like you see in the movies. You can say it, but it doesn’t make it so. You can’t sell what ain’t yours player! Just like you can twist the original message all you want to, but the message stays the same, just your opinion of it is different.
Gay men and women are here and we are here to stay. It’s not like this is some new movement that is all of a sudden being birthed by a few radicals. No, homosexuality has been around for as long as the human race has been. It has been said for ever and it still holds true, people hate and kill what they don’t understand. Look at Hitler, he tried to eradicate gays during the war, he assigned to them a pink triangle for non jews and a pink triangle with a yellow triangle behind it for gay jews. 
So I’d say congrats preachers, your in the same boat as Hitler…way to represent God…
I’m sure that when you sit on your judgement seat this will be a real highlight of your service here on Earth…good luck.
In the meantime fellow gay and lesbian and all those included, don’t be discouraged by the hatred of others. You deserve the contentment of a sanctified and celebrated unity that will last through time. Marriage is indeed a human right. Biblically speaking it ties two souls together making them one soul. Keeping you from adultery. You have that right. Don’t let some radical twisted-Christian wannabe ruin your goal of living a healthy and moral life.
I am a Christian and I am proud of that. I wear the marker of Christ on my spirit and body as a tribute to Him who saved me and I am openly gay and I am proud of that too. God made us different for a purpose that is beyond every one’s comprehension. He said that he would send the simple to confound the wise and the weak to overcome the strong. He who seeks to be first will be last and he who loses his life for Christs sake will gain it. Not so enigmatic when you are the weak, or the simple or the one who is losing all your freedoms. Only when you are the privileged or self-entitled and think your privileged do you not understand what that means.

Live and live well

It will end sometime, maybe not right now but we must not lose heart not now, not ever.

With Love

Jeff Utnage 823469