I love you, but I am sick of all of the arguments
I let you stay with me for free & don’t even charge you rent
Sometimes, you hard not to resent

Other times I find myself softened by your large heart
It’s like being on an out of control roller coaster, wild
When it comes to being drama queens, you should’ve been the poster child

Sometimes I wonder why did you even choose me?
If all you want to do is call me names & abuse me
I feel like all you want to do is use me
The things that you do confuse me

You be listening to all your trifling friends who be interfering in our own personal business, in our house way too much
Desperately using their so called “advice” as a crutch
They’re making all these assumptions & accusaitons without even a shred of solid evidence in which they can firmly clutch

All those bugs they be planting in your ears
Is part of the reason we been having this drams for so many years

Did you know you are the first & only person that I have ever loved?
Heck, we eat together, shower together, go everywhere together, we even have some of the same likes & dislikes & share the same bed
So why can’t we llive in peace & let all this unnecessary drama be dead?

To easy all the anxiety & stress, I remind myself of all the happ experiences: the picnics, the movie theatre & the dates
My heart is softened by the laughs we used to share & the good food that we ate
Even the dogs was happy, because when we came home we let them kill the leftovers off the plate
Can’t even forget about all the nights we watched your horror movies & stayed up on the couch cuddled up all late

That’s just to let us know that regardless of the trouble we endured, we are together to this day, still & in it for the long haul
When I get locked up, you still accept my calls

Our families & friends never hoped or expected we’d last
I was seen as a womanizer, with no respect for you & no class
They told you to forget about me, forget about the history & find someone else & move on from the past

Maybe you’ll find someone who will know how to treat you
Not someone like me who probably be lying, is potentially able to beat you & cheat on you

but fortunately, we stuck it out through thick & thin, the good, the bad, the ugly & here we are
That’s why we are now so grateful
It would’ve been easy to become vindictive, vengeful & hateful

But through it all, we have gronw up & become way more mature
Learning lessons from the past & are more emotionally stable & secure
Trusting that our motives & intentions is pure
When my mind was sick & I was lost in the world of drugs, you was my cure

Part of the reason I had changed was for you, you kept we well grounded
You’ve always been down to earth & well grounded
Thinking about how far we have come, how can we not be astounded?