If you don’t do anything wrong/illegal, then you ain’t ever gotta worry about being caught
Remember all the past trouble you have been in, remember how much drama you have been in, remember how many senseless battles you have fought
Then ask yourself: “It was all for what?”
And I guarantee you’ll agree that it was all for naught
You ever take the time to truly contemplate why you found yourself in a jam, desperate for answers, yet you choose the advice that you sought
ever contemplate why you choose to ignore all the valuable life lessons that your parents/guardians had taught?

So what’s the problem? Why do we refuse to do wrong & can’t seem to do right?

You are giving others the opportunity to slash, forcing them to enforce rules on you that you don’t agree with, then you turn around and rebel

Instead of giving up the illegal/wrong acts/tricks
We come up with new ways to do the same ole thing while thinking we are being smarter & slick
We say are are no longer “Active” but we still associate with the same ole homies from the same ole clique

When cops come round kickin them doors in, they takin everyone to jail, they ain’t discriminating
Then when the judges handing everyone down them “Buck Rogers” sentences, everyone getting hit, it ain’t no discriminating

So if you willing to gamble with your life & take that chance–
Then go ahead my friend, be my guest
One day we gon find out that the game, the glory, the fame–it ain’t worth no hole in the head or no hole in the chest
It ain’t worth sitting up in a cell with “All Day”
mad at the world, super depressed & super stressed

Is this really the only end result?
does it have to be this way?
Insanity is doing the same thing over & over & over & expecting a different result
Let’s hold each other accountable, let’s be responsible for our own actions & not hold the world & everyone else in it at fault

It’s been time to man up, grow up & leave all the past behind
It’s time for a change of heart, a change of actions & a change of mind

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