Good morning, wasup with you?
I hope this letter reaches you in the best of heart, mind, body, spirit & health.

Today is Friday 3-11-16. It is a nice day out here, by nice I mean no rain, well at leats for now I hope it don’t rain.

The jpay system once again is having problems
It’s crazy how after the reps from the company come here last week to address the problems,that they seem to have gotten worse now all of a sudden.

Nobody has been able to download any music & the computers keep freezing up, it is pathetic.
I mean people pay good money for a service, but since we are in prison they can get away with taking the money providing a bad service and then there is nothing that we can do with it.

When we have our families on the outside either call or email the Jpay company, they either don’t respond, send people on a run around from employee to employee & act very rude & unprofessional.

I hope that the state gets rid of Jpay & we get a better company that will provide a good service with lower prices.

Personally I am still waiting for them to fix my player so I can plug it into the computer.