Rant On Sports!

OK, I just have to get this off my chest. Football…what is is about football that compells men to watch and memorize stats? I mean, let’s be honest, it serves you no purpose other then filling up useless space in your brains. I can see giving all that attention to something like football if you are somehow involved or your career path is centered around a particular sport…but when you are in prison?
Men who are in prison and watch football isn’t my problem. My problem is men who are in prison and their lives revolve around football season. Nothing else gets talked about. They write down hours and hours of stats and player changes and contract information and blah blah blah. Then they talk about it endlessly and when it’s not football season they talk about the net season and what they think it holds and who’s doing what and did you hear about so and so in the news and did you see so and so limping around? It’s endless.
What drives me nuts is that these same guys are good people and they can tell you every single stat and yard information in every single player onn their favorite team. Were talking pages of information but yet they have trouble recalling their childrens current ages and the last time they were law abiding. I don’t think that this is done intentionally by them and they do other things but wouldn’t our time be better spent if there was balance in the mix? 
What do you gain by knowing everything about every Seahawk quarterback? What purpose does that serve? When you die and are laying on your death bed and your kids are staring you in the face are you going to be proud of yourself for knowing how many yards were thrown in a game 25 years ago? NO! Honestly, who cares? 
I know that I am in the minority here and am walking shaky ground. But I just don’t care. Just this morning there was a man talking about football season and how he can’t wait. This same guy claims to be a Christian yet he can’t name the ten commandments? Something a little off there?
I have my problems, don’t get it twisted. I have my own little vices and nuances that make me in this same category. But I at least attempt to maintain balance and give equal parts of my tiny brain to my life. I watch some sports but follow none. The only TV show that I am just tied to is The Prancing Elites and it would be Gaycation if DOC had that channel that its on. When So You Think You Can Dance is on and Big Brother I am an avid watcher but in the “off seasons” of both I am not doing my time based on those shows. I could not watch them and my life would be just as fulfilling. 
Life is happening outside that box. If you look up and out the window you can see movement and life scurrying around. We are supposed to be taking part in that. Perhaps you didn’t get that raise that you wanted because you didn’t dedicate enough time to your employer. But i’d bet that you never once missed a football game on TV. That’s not for everyone, but you get my point. There is entertainment, there is obsession and then there is reality. What serves your best purpose, what is going to further your chances at a happy and wonderful life? Football doesn’t bapy your bills but guess what, your employer does. Take the time to memorize your companies stats and see what kind of gains you can get there. 
I can tell you one thing, I may be in prison now, but one day I will be out there and when I find a job (which will be extremely difficult, but I will!) I will be highly dedicated to it because I have a ton to lose…Best believe I will be up late getting to know everything I can about the industry…everything.

Say hello to your competition.

Jeff Utnage