Trump: Is He What I Thought?

I see all the negative media that Trump is getting and it makes me wonder of he is a good choice for candidacy anymore. My original thought was that he may make America a better place…but with all the coverage on his sponsorship by the KKK and his stance on the Wall and othe things of racial nature…I wonder anymore if he’s really worth it. I fully beleive that he is more than capable of making the USA a great financial entity again…but at what cost? 

If you follow me at all you know that I am pretty religious, or at least try to follow Jesus Christ as closely as I know how. I can’t say that I beliece Trump does as well…that’s a big deal in my book. 

Something to think about at least. I have much to ponder. Oh, and HUGE thanks to 

LAGAI/Queer Insurrection out of San Franisco for publishing my plea for help.

I want to make it clear that my facility is stepping up o the plate and honoring more than I ever thought they would so fast. They have added an LGBTQ cultural event in June and they are adding LGBTQ to their cultural diversity groups through Redemption (an inmate led prison reform program…very cool program that will change the doubt) and they are still considering my group support proposal…so they ARE listening and bravo to them.

It takes courage to stand up for what is right. Even though many staff members here are very obviously racially bias and homophobic very publically, our Superintendent is not allowing them to dictate her actions and programming benefits…so bravo.


With Love

Jeff Utnage