Freaking Trump: I am so on the fence with this guy!

Now, I know that Trump has gotten himself the reputation as a racist. He has said some real off-the-cuff comments that have made me cringe. I don’t know his position on homo-sexuality or gay marriage, all I have heard him say in response to a reporter was “you already know my stance on that”. It just so happened that I personally did not.
So this is what I do like about Trump. It’s less Trump that I like and more his campaign style. I like the fact that GOP Conservatives are having “closed door” meetings to try and stop him. Why? What if he is what people want? Does that count for anything…what the people want? 
I know that having someone that doesn’t like you in charge of you isn’t in your best interest…obviously. But from a poor man’s standpoint, how can you argue with success being in office? People want that. They also want to know that who they picked…is actually going to be in office. Not whoever some mucky mucks in a “closed door” meeting chose as a last minute “oh shit, he’s ruining our college teaching on how to politic”. Which is what seems to be what is happening. Which is sad. That absolutely makes me sick.
Trump may not be the best choice to run the country and his inability to express clear views on foreign policy is troublesome to say the least. But you can’t argue with his methodology, it’s reaching the people and highly effectively. Even here in prison Trump is a “hot button” that is getting even us engaged and we can’t even vote. Make no mistake about it, we maybe can’t vote, but we have influence…believe that.
So whatever your stance is on Trump, his style needs to be repeated by someone who is more capable. We need someone to come in and turn the “money changers” upside down. Basically GOP is sweating bullets because a bigger bully is in town and they don’t like it. Now they are crying because they aren’t getting their way…what a shame, politicians can’t squirrel away another secret so secretly. I like that, Trump or no Trump, I like that. 
Force them to be so transparent that non of them are great candidates. Lets get them all so bare and open that we actually get someone in the White house that is able to be honest…I know, real shocker. I think that is where Trump is unknowingly taking this election. I don’t think he wants that, he stands to lose the most if all is bared. But in the future, his campaign will absolutely be mimicked and bravo. Politics is exciting again.

I am still fighting my good fight here. In fact, when the planning for my own group has started to take place, the program coordinator intentionally left me out of it. Even other people involved in this process were like “Where’s Jeff, he is the only one qualified and willing to lead the LGBTQ side of things” there was little response by her..kinda upsetting, but with support from people like you…we can force the issue that those of us that want equality and help…should get it. I know this is off topic slightly…but that is the name of the site lgbtqprisonsupport.com I want a voice in this prison that speaks and protects the LGBTQ community from further damage and harm. We should get equal access to leadership and mentor ship and shouldn’t be stopped by any program coordinators religious or “other” agenda…

With Love

Jeff Utnage

keep fighting!