Days Following Easter: Keep Watch For Miracles People

I have noticed a pattern in my life that those around me also noticed, once I pointed it out.

The days following the celebration of Jesus Resurrection are filled with miracles and strange, unexplainable gifts. So I look for them. I say the celebration of Jesus resurrection and not Easter because I know that Easter is a derivative of a pagan holiday. So, I personally am not finicky about the term, however, I know that many are. My own personal view point is I am celebrating the resurrection, I don’t care what it’s called. Call it “nothing day” for all I care, as long as I get to celebrate my God’s gift.
I know that in the bible after Jesus rose from the dead He appeared to many. Hundreds at a time in fact. I think that still happens today. When there is a unified celebration of His resurrection He appears to His people. Perhaps not the same way as 2000 years ago, but He appears in everything. 
I am happier in those days, my goals become easier, my days become filled with joy. I get more emails from my family, I love a little more. Maybe it’s just because I expect it, the faith is what breathes life into this theory of mine. I don’t know honestly. Maybe it’s an unspoken tradition that God set into motion 2000 years ago…who knows. Whatever the case I look forward to late March and April every year because that is the time that I know God is moving. Maybe it’s the changing of the seasons and I just want to see something happen. Maybe I am a little off my rocker, but it works for me and maybe, just maybe it might work for you.
So look for it!
Remember, it’s never to late to accept Jesus. You haven’t done too much sin to push God away. Believe me, God loves us and I am in prison, you know, the worst of the worst. In fact, God loves us soo much! He sent His Son for me. I didn’t seek Jesus, Jesus found me. Now He is searching for you, in this blog post. I can show you how to accept Him and be reborn. Just like I was shown. 

Just say, Jesus, I know that I am a sinner and that I can’t do this on my own anymore. I want to repent for my sins and want to include youin everything I do. I believe that You were crucified and 3 days later rose again and in doing so you saved all those who claim your name and believe. 

Now you just mimick Jesus. He loved everyone, equally. Any preacher who teaches that it’s ok to love someone based on sexuality, or social class, or race or for any reason is not a man of God, remember that when you go to your first service. If hate is being preached, that church is poisoned.

With Love

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Stafford Creek Correction Center
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