Pat On The Back:

Every once in a while you need to recognize your strengths. Yeah, your weaknesses or negatives are still there…and they need to be addressed. But, are you taking the time to recognize your strengths. Like, you may not be the most organized, but perhaps you ARE able to do something else. So drop the negative side of your life for just a minute, it’s still going to be there in fifteen minutes. Pat yourself on the back.
You won’t hurt yourself, or cause a scene. Just say to your self something that is good about you. I will start, I am good at complimenting people. I like to build up those around me. I don’t like it when people are negative or just refuse to be happy. Since I can’t “fix” them, I know that I am in control of me and what I do. So I compliment them, I point out something that I find a strength in them. I look for those opportunities. I thrive to watch them kind of get perplexed. Then that perplexity turns to about 2-3 hours of “I am going to talk to you because you seem to care”. Then, I listen…relentlessly listen. Because no one else will…

I enjoy that. I enjoy the next day when they see me and suddenly they are different. They smile, they point out something that they like.

Its not the perfect ending, but you know what? Yesterday they hated life and today..well today they found something good. Not always does it end up that way, but it seems to happen a lot.

With Love

Jeff Utnage 823469