Dreamed A Strange Dream

Last night I had this dream that was very vivid. I tend not to pay to much attention to my dreams when I can find logical explanations for certain things in them. Like if I was thinking of my kids and that night I dreamt of going to the beach, I would associate one with another. With no real big second thought. Besides, I don’t dream often. I haven’t had a dream that I remember for about 8 months now. So last night when I had a very vivid dream with all these crazy symbols…I tend to take notice. Here it is.
I was in the passenger seat of some sort of convertible car with my best friend from high school. I had the biggest crush on him them, but never really admitted to anyone, accept just now. Not even my Mother new…sorry Mom. But we were driving and I knew that we were dating. There was some sort of friction between us as we drove and we were arguing lightly. Nothing crazy. Then I looked in the night sky and seen the stars had formed a Star Of David. Or a Jewish star. It was giant, covering the night sky, one whole half of my vision with this very detailed constellation that was brighter then anything else in the sky. The stars detailing this seemed to be closer and brighter then all the others. In the other half of the sky, were three rows of constellations. I initially thought that they were the Zodiac, but I could not make them out exactly, they were symbols though. There must have been about 18 or so, three rows of 6 or 7 perhaps. I was in awe of it and I wanted to inspect it closer. I was drawn to it, but my lover was wanting to get away from it. Obviously not comfortable with what was going on, he seemed to be disgusted with me and my interest. Our argument intensified. I don’t remember the details of it but he tried to take me to this house to argue there and get out of the sight of the stars. I ended up going outside anyway once we arrived, I knew that our relationship was secondary to my interest in the sky’s happenings.
This was a very emotional dream. I felt at ease the whole time and never scared at any time. I was only mildly annoyed with my lover and his intent and knew that he was only a fleeting moment and quite frankly unimportant. I am highly interested in the symbols and the reasoning for the star of David being so prominent. I don’t have any explanation for the dream of the symbols there in.

Any Help? I need an interpretation!

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