Not All LGBTQ Are The Same: A Sign Of A True Culture

Not all LGBTQ are the same. It seems that many who don’t understand the LGBTQ community really struggle with this part. They have one interaction with someone who is gay or trans or whatever, then they think they got all of us pegged. Even I have to admit that I have thought that at one point. Perhaps that is why I struggled so much with this for so long. I allowed an other’s stigma to corrupt my own thinking.
As I look for opportunities to mentor others and be mentored I find that though we have common threads, we are sooo unique. I think that is what truly defines us as a culture. We have this common foundation of LGBTQ, but from there we flourish into our beautiful selves. We are well seasoned and encompass a variety of backgrounds and lifestyles. 
This is the case with any group of minority. Picture the drunken man in the bar complaining that all women are -insert stigma here- or the woman who gets hurt by an ex and then all men become dogs. Or how about the racial stigmas? I hate them so I refuse to repeat them here, but we all have heard them. One is just as calloused as the next.
I like our differences they are wonderful and should be celebrated. They also provide insight into our actions. Like with any culture we have our negative differences too. Like drug use or abusive behavior or stuff more serious. I want to drive this point home because it’s important to our future as a community to understand how to end these behaviors. When an inmate, like me or the others incarcerated, seek help our sexuality comes into play at every turn. Its a driving force behind many of our actions both negative and positive.
My hope is to bring to the table a willingness to be open and developed cognitive solutions that will effectively end homosexuals being stigmatized, abused, incarcerated, ostracized or anything else that classifies us as weak or less then in any capacity. Let’s treat those that need treatment, fix what needs fixing and move forward into life as modern LGBTQ men and women.

That’s my vision. Hopefully I won’t have to go at this by myself because I am NOT qualified! LOL! 

With Love,
Jeff Utnage 823469
Stafford Creek Correction Center
191 Constantine Way
Aberdeen, WA. 98520