Thanks/Praise to God


Broke, starving, fed up, & lost with nowhere to go…

His heart is hardened by all the stresses & strains

So he be actin buck wild, because it lessens the strain

He up all night walking the dangerous streets & riding metro buses & trains

With years in his eyes he wishes he had a stable life & a home 

With all the basic amenities, like: warm room, mattress & a clean pillow where he can lay his dome

His day to day existence consists of: Having to go to stores stealing in order to get a decent meal

And when wanna trade in his ole tragedy clothes for fresh gear, he gotta roll out to the mall & steal

He ain’t afraid of security or cops, after years of hustling, he’s acquired nerves of steel

Because at least if he do get caught

He’ll be up in County where he’s entitled to 3 hots & a cot

He’s sick of the homeless shelter, sleeping in an open dorms smelling: feet, halitosis, armpit, booty & jungle rot

He can’t sleep because sounds of snoring dope sick addicts who getting their first sleep in days

And just like that, as soon as the sun shines her first rays–

We eatin breakfast, then it’s back out to the streets & back up to our sinister ways

Which consists of:
Hustling, scraping, scrapping, spare changing & scrounging

This a 24-7 endeavor/operation, so there ain’t time for stopping, giving up, relaxing, or lounging

Every second awake is spent getting doses up

Every second awake is spent on the blade posted up

Waiting for the next mark to get close up

So he can move in like a Rattle Snake & strike

He’ll get em for anything he can, from a pack of squares, to cash or a bike

He’ll even get em for things of no value to him or things he don’t even like

Because he knows he can sell, trade, or pawn anything to someone– somewhere

Out there, cats is hungry as heck & do what they got to with not a single care

He thinks being homeless it’s the worst thing in the world & don’t nothing else compare

Man, life just ain’t meant to be fair

People out here dying everyday, getting robbed every night, but there ain’t no time to be scared

It’s a life with no pity, no compassion, with problems & drama coming by the bulk

He believes Grown men/women don’t walk their heads down, cry or sulk

All he can do is try to hold himself together like the incredible hulk

He holds on to the hope that he won’t get rabbit eared/pealed

He holds in to the hope he & none of his road dogs will get killed

And he holds on to the hope that he’ll make it out

Find him a job, make steady paychecks, get a car & a house

But for now, SURVIVAL is what it’s all about!!!

Thanks for your time!!!

Jonathan Gordon 793350
Stafford Creek Corrections Center 
191 Constantine
Aberdeen,WA 98520

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