I Have A Terrible Christian Family! Soooo Fed Up!

I stopped going to church because I am hated. I don’t sleep around, I edify my fellow Christian family, I do my best to be a good son, brother and friend. None of that is good enough to outweigh their personal vendetta of bigotry! I want to go to church but church should not be a place of contention and war but of refuge and peace. So for the sake of peace, and my own sanity I have ceased going. Which allows the enemy to win….I know already. Moving on…
So recently here they held the Easter event for our families to come in and have the annual service and someone apparently got caught getting a handy in service….pretty rude and gross if you ask me. But yet those same people were the ones over the past six months campaigning against me and my presence at church because I am the uncontrollable whore? I’ve slept with 3 people my whole life! I’m not the one getting escorted out of church services because I can’t control myself. Grrrr! I am so mad. 
How I can’t wait to be around other LGBTQ Christians…and yes there is such a thing and NO, LGBTQ is NOT condemned in the Bible. 

I will overcome and survive. I have to, because tomorrow I still have to wake up, I still have to be gay and I still have to believe in Jesus the Christ. These are foundational musts in my life. Option B doesn’t exist in my world. I can only do me and that’s that.

With Love

Jeff Utnage 823469