Inspiration To Persevere: Where Is Your Well?

Keeping heart to push forward can be daunting when you are just flat out tired. I want to share something with you all. 
I am tired, I am worn out. I am sick of being hated and abused and mocked. But that is why I push forward. Because (pardon my mouth), f**k them. That’s why we push on. Ain’t nobody going to tell me to lay down and wallow or cow down. Nobody’s going to make me feel ashamed or guilty or whatever… nobody but me. I own my feelings and I want to be happy. I can’t, won’t, live in the past. People here just can’t stand when a man wants to move forward, they constantly try to remind you of what’s behind us. 
So we have to find people who are like us. It may seem to be hard and it might be. But you must and when no one is around, you can surround yourself with their writings and immerse your mind. The days are not over for the activist. Ghandi may be resting, MLK JR. may be resting. But we are still here, we aren’t resting yet. LGBTQ still feels hatred, not the passive kind either. We are being put to death and imprisoned overseas in the middle east and being put in prison in tyrannical countries all over the world. Right here in the USA we are a little more accepted but their are still Baptist factions that want to eradicate us, their is still groups like KKK, Skinheads, certain Christian doctrines like Westborough Baptist and countless others. 
I am a Christian, meaning I follow the teachings and doctrine of Christ under the New Testament. Not the doctrine of Paul, or Joseph Smith, or E. G. White, or the Pope or anyone else who isn’t God. Let me make this crystal clear, if he has flesh he is screwing up the gospel when he interprets it. Keep it simple, God gave us 11 commandments. Actually He gave us 10, the “11th” is all of them summed up but I refer to it as the “11th”. In none of those does LGBTQ get condemned.
Dears, when we face trouble or seemingly impossible odds or you got made fun of, or got assaulted….pick yourself up. Lean on others who have been here with you. Read Maya Angelou’s “I Will Rise” and be inspired. Draw from your well. Funny thing about wells, they have to be made…make a well dears and draw from it.

With Love
Jeff Utnage 823469