Thanks/Praise to God

part 1

Dostoyevsky wrote: “The degree of civilization can be judged by entering it’s prisons.” (Yale book of quotes 2006)

I say that some people in this country (USA) believe that justice entails & hinges upon imposing the most painful, excruciating, inhumane & horrible punishment possible for people who are found guilty of crimes. 

Innocence or guilt, is not important, only that someone had to pay.

Because a person has been found to be guilty of a crime does that make them any less of a person than the next man/woman? Some people believe that because a person has been convicted of a crime, that they deserve to be called horrible names & dehumanized.

To put it simply: prisons are money making monster machines that are run by a super corrupted hierarchy of: authoritarian, nepotistic, nihilistic, tyrannical, oppressive, racist, dictators & their blind following DUMB minions.

Todd Ashker of the Short Corridor Collective at Pelican Bay (prison in California) said: “Our struggle adheres to the principles of the constitution and international treaty law and is inspired by all oppressed people’s demands for Human rights, dignity, respect, justice, and equality–the demand to be treated like human beings.”

Prisons are not built to protect society & keep the streets safe.

The Government could not care any less about keeping you safe, if they did then they wouldn’t intentionally & willfully engage in killing their own citizens.

Prison as I have said many times before, are built to make BILLIONS of DOLLARS a year. 
And as an “Ethnic Cleansing” to rid the racists of unwanted “Minorities” & “People of Color”.

Laws are specifically designed to target certain races of people to rid our communities of them & justify stereotypical racist views. 

When African American, Latino & Asians get convicted of crimes, the racists can say: ” See we told you that we was right the whole time…They are dangerous, violent, uneducated drug addicts who are a threat to our good ole “White” way of life.”

It’s easy to use propaganda to convince people to assume other people who look a certain way are capable of being criminals & probably are criminals who commit certain types of crimes.

Notice when a person is accused of a seriously heinous crime like murder, the newspaper or TV station finds all the dirt they can to prove the person most likely is guilty & a terrible, bad, evil person.

And the one who is killed, if White is painted as: innocent, caring, liked by everyone, outgoing, good son, loving mother…

If the person who is killed is: African American, Latino, or Asian, the murder is gang related, drug related & the newspaper/TV station minimizes the gravity of the situation by digging up dirt on the victim or bringing up a criminal past if he/she has one, as if to say: “Well he/she could have been an innocent victim, but he/she was convicted of theft 12 years ago…so he/she played a role in his/her own death…It’s just one less criminal we have to deal with.”

Thanks for your time!!!

Jonathan Gordon 793350
Stafford Creek Corrections Center 
Aberdeen,WA 98520

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