Thanks/Praise to God

part 3

America is only 4% of the world’s population, but 25% of every person who is locked up is in America.

So that tells us a few obvious things:

1) Americans have more of a problem with our citizens being criminals

2) America takes advantage of the crime problem by locking people up excessively on a scale that far exceeds any other country

3) Other counties have differing & more effective ways of: 
A. preventing people from becoming criminals

B. dealing with people who commit crimes in ways that don’t involve locking them up…

Locking people up IS NOT EFFECTIVE AT ALL….Especially from a financial aspect. Tax payers are cheated out of BILLIONS a year to fix a problem, that only creates more problems.

This system is called Corrections, yet honestly nothing is done to “Correct” anything. If people are rehabilitated, then it’s because they sought it out in their own DOC does nothing to help rehabilitate.

If anything a majority of people walk out of prison in a worse situation than when they walked in…Everything they had is GONE!!! Job, house, man/woman, kids, money, car, clothes–ALL GONE…

So what is a person left to do to survive when they have lost everything? Commit MORE crime. What happens when a person commits MORE CRIME? Eventually they get caught up again, then end up back in the custody of DOC!!!

Like I have told y’all in past posts: DOC NEEDS PEOPLE TO COMMIT CRIME. If no one committed crime, then the DOC would NOT have jobs & the State Government wouldn’t be able to CON tax payers out of BILLIONS!!!

If change for people that are locked up is to happen on a large scale, then we need programs designed to teach us how to survive & be successful as law abiding adults, without having to commit crimes.

One main problem is that prison administration tries hard to keep us from connecting with the outside world, when in order to be successful, we need outside support.

How do they try to keep us away from outside world:

Making it hard for family/friends to get approved to come visit

Put prisons in the middle of nowhere so people have problems getting to visitation

Harassing visitors

Strictly limiting visit days & times

Contracting with phone companies that charge crazy high rates for people to make calls

Trying to prevent people who are locked up from having social media pages such as: Facebook & Plentyoffish…In fact if DOC catches wind that a person has one of those pages, they’ll contact the company & ask them to take it down. They have employees in DOC who scan the internet to look for people in prison on these sites.

What legitimate purpose does this serve?

That is a prime example of the Government violating it’s own laws–1st amendment rights to communication, & to communicate freely with whomever you so chose.

Prison walls should be “Permeable” meaning people can flow in & out freely as far as the avenues to communicate effectively is concerned.

What legitimate purpose does it serve to hamper/damper/limit/prevent people from networking & communicating with family/friends?


Not only are the people in prison punished, but so are family/friends because they can’t visit or speak to loved one!!!

Think about that!!!

Thanks for your time!!!

Jonathan Gordon 793350
Stafford Creek Corrections Center 
Aberdeen,WA 98520

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