Thanks/Praise to God


I love you but I am sick of all the arguments

I let you live with me for free & never even charged you rent

Sometimes because of what goes down, you hard not to resent

At other times I’m softened by your heart
It’s like being on at out of control roller coaster ride, wild
When I it comes to drama queens you should’ve been a poster child

Sometimes I wonder: If all you wanna do is beef, then why you choose me?”

Do you like to call me names & abuse me?

I don’t know what to think, the things you do confuse me

You be listening to your trifling friends who be interfering in the business that goes on in our house too much

Desperately clinging to their so called: “advice” using it as a crutch

They be making all these false accusations, without a single piece of solid evidence in which to clutch

All those bugs they was planting in your ears

Was 50% of the reason this drama had been going on for so many

Did I tell you that you were the only person I ever really loved, heck we share a lot of the same likes & dislikes, shower together & sleep in the same bed

It’s time to live in peace, but all the drama to rest & let the childish games, animosity & tension be dead/shed

To ease the anxiety & worry, I remind myself of all the happy experiences: picnics the movies & the dates

My heart is softened by the laughs we shared & the good food that we ate

Heck even the dogs was happy when we’d BBQ in the backyard & put the extras & fat on their plate

And we can’t forget about the nights we stayed up watching your beloved horror movies on the couch cuddled up, staying up late

Friends & family never EVER expected we’d last

Thinking you was with a womanizer who used you & who had no class

They told you that you needed to move on & forget about the past

But fortunately everything thing worked out, & for that I am grateful, 

It would’ve been easy for either one of us to have turned vindictive & hateful 

But through it all we have both learned, have grown & have become more mature

And for that–we have a reason to be glad

So let’s focus on the future, moving forward & not on all the bad times we had!!!

Thanks for your time!!!

Jonathan Gordon 793350
Stafford Creek Corrections Center 
Aberdeen,WA 98520

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