This is a poem I wrote. This was written when I first came to prison and was discovering my faith and coming to terms with myself and my sexuality. I hope you get the underlying meaning which is I will not submit to temptation. I will rely on my God in times of stress. 

Darling, my sweet, let us retire to dust once again
I have aimlessly searched for you
As if you conjured my existence for your amusement
Love, how I ache for You
Oh, how I cry for You
Never-ending tears, all for You
How I wish to lay in Your bosom for eternity.
But my flesh slithers to you
My bones separate, physics do not apply
Logic and reason is forgotten
I am but a corpse without You
But you have stolen my essence
I have dreams of making love to you
Caressing your cheeks, unclothing you patiently
I see you across the chasm flirting with another
Making another’s dreams vivid and mortal
While I writhe in agony, treacherously.
While my chains tear my flesh
While my eyes bleed from terror
You are in the arms of another
If I was able I would challenge your master for control
My sweet we are but two enemies at war
My flesh and bones are weak for you
My spirit is stronger than you and I
Our Creator’s Spirit dwells in me
Our love is already defeated
Our love is already forgiven

Jeff Utnage 
Written 5-21-2013

thanks for reading!