Thanks/Praise to God

part 1

This is part of a speech President Obama gave on 3-31-2016:

At our country’s core is a basic belief in the inherent dignity of every person. Too many women & men of all ages suffer the outrage that is sexual assault, & too often, this crime is not condemned as loudly as it should be.

Together, we must stand up & speak out to change the culture that questions the acts of the victims, rather than those of their attackers. 

As their relatives, friends, neighbors, & fellow Americans, it’s on us to support victims & survivors by providing then with the care they need, bringing perpetrators to justice, & ensuring our institutions are held responsible & do not look the other way.

This month, we reaffirm our commitment to shift the attitudes that allow sexual assault to go unanswered & unpunished, & we redouble our efforts to prevent this human rights violation from happening in the first place.

Preventing sexual assault begins with everyone getting involved in promoting healthy relationships & encouraging respect for the equality of others. 

For decades, Vice President Joe Baden has brought unmatched passion to this cause, working to pass the Violence Against Women Act in the Senate more than 2 decades ago, & continuing to fight today to transform the way we think & talk about sexual assault.

In 2014, we launched the “It’s On Us” campaign-an initiative that had worked with over 300 college campuses & engaged hundreds of thousands of people around our country who hce taken a pledge to stand up & speak out to express moral outrage for this intolerable crime.

We launched the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault that year as well, which continues to offer recommendations for how we can all contribute to a society that adequately prevents & responds to sexual assault.

My administration is taking action to eliminate sexual assault in every corner of our country.

This year we announced new grants available for the National Sexual Assault Kit Initiative…

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