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part 2:

This next article I borrowed from KCRG-TV9 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 
Some of it was edited by me & put in my own words:

According to the National Center for Victims of Crime, 1 in 5 girls & 1 in 20 boys are victims of sexual abuse.

Survivor Ricky was abused from age 10 to 14 by a male family friend.

He said: “You don’t understand the impact of something like that because it tears every wall of safety down that you’ve ever known. You question every relationship that you’re ever in.”

“I was told: ‘I’ll kill you if you tell anyone, or I’ll kill your parents if you tell anyone.’ My mother went to her grave never knowing, because I felt it was my fault. Here you are a kid, & you’re not doing anything but being a kid, & someone in a sense breaks your wing & you can’t fly anymore.”

“I remember sitting down & writing a letter to my cousin back in Georgia, & I remember telling her ‘I can’t.’ She knew what was going on, but I remember telling her, ‘I can’t deal with this anymore'”

“It’s not my fault that this happened. It took me years to finally admit that & say it is not my fault. I didn’t ask for this to happen, but how I go on from now that dictates the man I am.”

“Go tell somebody, yell it to the top of the mountain, no one has that right to take that innocence from you, no one has that right to take your childhood away.”

Sexual Assault Advocate Ashley Schmuecker said: “A lot of survivors feel very overwhelmed & scared, so having a support person there with you through the process can be really beneficial.”

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