Sexual Deviancy: One Idea For Prevention…Hear Me Out

I do a lot of activism and mentoring in the prison system for the LGBTQ community. I work with men, and the rare woman, to identify the vices in their life and then help them cope with the change process. I have overcome some real negative mentalities. Some that I don’t like to talk about. But I have overcome them because I determined to correct a behavior. I purposed it in my heart and then did it, not try, but did. But what if I could have gotten help before I created a victim?
What if there was a way to prevent sexual abuse before it starts? Instead of being reactive why can’t we be proactive? Why wait to incarcerate sexual perpetrators? What about treatment for the thought processes before they are acted on? Despite popular belief this can be fixed if the person is willing to be very uncomfortable and transparent and if, and only if, they can receive honest help without judgment. It would have to be considered that they aren’t a monster until they offend. The problem is the thought starts long before the action. If it was widely known what the signs were then families could run interventions and get a person the help they needed BEFORE a victim is created. Help a person overcome whatever mental issues need to be addressed. Like a treatment center that is more private and accessible. Like in home or private intensive therapy that is disguised as another procedure. Then if that individual needs more intensive care there are already inpatient centers available.
Many young people like the idea of being a child psychologist to help them through trauma, noble and necessary! But what about prevention? CPS can be life saving for thousands of children, a much needed service. But could a father go to them and say I am having sick thoughts and I need help? Without losing everything? Without becoming a public spectacle. Real, private help. wouldn’t PREVENTING a child being assaulted be more valuable then managing the trauma. Get people accessible help and you wouldn’t need to manage the trauma because it wouldn’t exist. That’s a perfect world though, no trauma. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t strive for it, because it’s believed it isn’t possible. I am still gonna go out and help as many people NOT commit the same crime I did. I have fixed what was broken in me with years of help and ridicule and pure heartfelt determination and buckets of tears. I could fill the Pacific with my regret. But I wish there was someone who could have made themselves accessible so that I never would have made the choices I did. I am SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR MY ACTIONS AND IT’S MY OWN FAULT AND NO ONE ELSE’S! But maybe if there was some place I knew there was true, non-judgmental and confidential help…

I would be willing to work with anyone who wants to end sexual abuse and help in the prevention. If my willingness to change and help could help even one person NOT commit a crime, then our efforts were totally worth it. Help me make a difference.

With Love
Jeff Utnage 823469