What Are The Characteristics Of A Driven Person?

Motivation is what I’m talking about. I’m not just talking about doing your normal routine. I mean drive, the above and beyond. For so long I have wanted to be that go getter type of person. The one who sees obstacles but not road blocks, answers for all of life’s little conundrums. 
Part of my problem used to be that I had never met anyone like that for longer than a handshake or a passing glance. Then, in typical lower class form I would hold my head in shame as I was absorbed by their shadow. I never learned what made them different. 
As a man who is locked up for an indeterminate sentence I decided years ago when I first fell I was going to be driven. That’s the beauty of life that I discovered in here, we don’t have to stay the same. We have choices and when you lack something, like a character trait, you can go and get it. So I have worked on things like not being lazy and working out even when I don’t want to. Going to work when I am content to sleep, usually because I worked out to much LOL! Things like setting a goal and in military fashion breaking it down into smaller milestone fractions and executing each little part, bit by bit until my mission is accomplished. Sometimes I don’t know all the details so instead of waiting, I will charge forward and damn the consequences if there are any at all.
I am still developing this trait. I refine it and revisit it when I’ve fallen off. Looking for my next dosage of rejuvenation to drive me onward. It seems that lately I am so busy that I don’t have any time to think. To process what is happening and it seems to be happening at lightning speed. My time is going by so fast I am actually going to start a release plan beginning tomorrow and I am going to need traits like Self-Motivated to keep me going. 
There isn’t any feeling that is better then a sense of accomplishment. Maybe only second to the three or four hours following a really good workout. That euphoria that comes over you when you feel skinny and water weight free and the sweat is dripping out of your body like toxin being flushed away. Your energized and vibrant. You have your wits about you, sharp as a tack and prime for most challenges. I love it and I hope that BEFORE I get out I am utterly addicted to accomplishments. To success. No drug comes close and believe me, I’ve done most of them. Never fully did I submit to them because they didn’t do what I wanted, which was fix me. Now that I know how to do that and ask for help I have little room in my life for things that serve no real purpose. Addiction is of little value to me as a success. So I am blessed to say that my only addiction is my routine and my commitment to being free of this place as a successful, rehabilitated and contributing member of this life. 

With Love
Jeff Utnage 823469