Thanks/Praise to God

All my life my parents have given me nothing but wisdom & good advice

sometimes it was hard, harsh & not as nice

They never told me anything that wasn’t true or correct

If I would have listened to them along time ago, my life would have taken a different direction

No matter what, mom & dad always had my back

I’ve been getting in trouble almost my whole life, since the 1st grade

Yet my family has ways been there to support me, encourage me, believe in me & have my back

My family has always believed in me, even when I didn’t believe in myself…

My mom & dad raised me & my brother & sister the best they could

They instilled in us values, morals, character, hard work, manners & respect

They drilled into our heads: EDUCATION, EDUCATION, EDUCATION

They drilled into our heads:

Pay your bills, budget your money & BE REPONSIBLE

To set an example of what they preached, both my parents have always worked 90% of the time, they both went back to school & got degrees

My dad always preaches honesty, being on time, making the right decisions & being happy.

My mom has always preached GOD & FAMILY first, generosity, keeping appoinments, listening to advice & doing what you are told…

They both preached respect for elders & authorities


Thank God for such a beautiful, loving, caring family!!!

Thanks for your time!!!

Jonathan Gordon 793350
Stafford Creek Corrections Center 
Aberdeen,WA 98520

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