Thanks/Praise to God

What’s going on people?
I hope this letter reaches you in the beat of heart, mind, body & spirit.

Today is 4-20-16.
The weather has been so nice the last week straight out here on the coast.

I saw on MSNBC that Harriet Tubman is officially gonna be on the $20 bill.

That is amazing!!!
Not only is she a woman, but an African American Woman, on our money.

This is a victory for women!!!

Hopefully other women, non white, non presidents will find their way on the money or in other iconic places where they will be seen & recognized by millions everyday.

Other than that, I have been excercing 2 times a day now because I either go outside twice or the gym & outside, because of no rain!!!

Since it’s been hot everybody been outside.

I have been doing dips, push ups, jogging, basketball,. crunches, leg raises, arm bicycle, exercise bike, an roller, stair stepper, elliptical…

When I started 7 months ago I was almost 260 something almost 270 lbs, now I am under 220 lbs.

Be motivated to work out & be healthy my friends!!!

You loose weight, but what you gain is way more important!!!

I don’t think anyone wants to live in sickness before they die.

Eat healthy & STAY ACTIVE my friends!!!!

Thanks for your time!!!

Jonathan Gordon 793350
Stafford Creek Corrections Center 
Aberdeen,WA 98520

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