Elective Inmate Behavior Tracking Site Accessible To All

What if that were around? You could update it and get the info verified through staff or paperwork. I imagine it to be a website that you would be able to prove what your doing is different. Something that when a future landlord or employer wants to know what kind of felon you are/were, rightfully so btw, you’ll have an answer for them. You could say well, “go to blah blah blah site and enter my name and you’ll see that I’ve been updating it throughout my incarceration, allowing you to witness my change. Or proof, if you will, that not all inmates or felons are the same. We are as different as the sand of the sea.
Part of the drive behind this is to clearly divide the good from the bad, the willing from the unwilling. Here is what I mean. A guy comes in here for something awful, but, while he’s here he transforms into a powerful leader and effects change in many around him. Then someone else who hates that, mainly those that refuse to change, come along and fake the change. Which you can do. For a short time. Then when everyone finds out that he didn’t change, he’s just a hustler and a swine, then the guy who was trying to do good and transformed himself suddenly becomes a victim of the bad guy himself and is yoked together with the ‘unchangeable’. 
But, what if I got out and my entire prison experience is 100% transparent? What if I allowed my progress to be tracked and reached mile stones and was honest about my set backs and mistakes. What if I could prove that I did something different then the group of white supremacists or the gangsters or the drug dealer while incarcerated? What if I could prove that there is two kinds of inmate, those who changed and those who didn’t and here’s the difference? Would that kind of openness get you more engaged? Would that make me more hirable and make it easier to move on? Would that make me trustworthy again? Would that be enough to help restore my honor? Whatever it takes because I want to be successful and I want to end LGBTQ in prison. I want to help correct what got me here and then prevent someone else from doing the same thing, not by scaring them, by actually giving a damn and helping. Someone told me that was impossible. You know what, for them it is impossible, for me its entirely possible. watch me.

With Love Dears
Jeff Utnage 823469