Abomination: The Word And Its Uses
A series By Jeff Utnage. Part 1
“Your an abomination,” have you ever heard that? Have you ever been walking somewhere and someone shouted those words out to you? If your openly LGBTQ its almost assured that you have. If you haven’t, never leave your bubble because those words hurt. I have heard those words slithering at me for years and I have grown to foolishly hate the people behind them. In fact that word can’t even be used without me immediately getting angry, typically visibly. My straight friends avoid using it and my Christian family that’s supportive does to. Mainly because they know how much it hurts me personally.
Last year I was walking one of the yards here with some other gay men and they were flamboyant, outcasts of the prison. There was no hiding them, not that I wanted to, everyone knew we were all gay. Its nice and sunny, our prison located near the coast, so nearly everyone had their shirts off. There was a big group of guys that were half-naked and chiseled in like roman statues and were all glistening with sweat and just plain sexy, so one of my friends made comment about how good looking the whole group was, which was true. Then one in that crowd shouted out for the whole yard to hear, about 400 men “homosexuality is an abomination and your going to hell!”. The conversation my friends and I were having: how I could be a Christian and gay. They thought they had to be separated. I was in the process of dispelling that myth when they got distracted by the beautiful bodies and then emotional hell broke loose.
I thought “wow, what perfect timing”. Inside I was furious and none of them ever came to know God because of that man and his hatred. A whole year goes by and every once in a while I would see that guy and just shake my head. Avoiding contact because I know what my reaction to him will be. 
So imagine my surprise when he turns up in my unit, as my neighbor no less! Oh boy, here we go, I thought. Round Two Lord! In addition to that, a friend of mine who is still closeted or at least trying to figure out what his desires mean, meets him and decides that they are both Christian and would make great cellies. What! So I informed him of my experience with him, more as an warning to not disclose his struggle. Every time I see him I remember those words. They sting me all over again. Now I have to brush my teeth next to him, walk to mainline and even see him when I’m on the phone. 
My friend doesn’t know the hurt that I did by his hands. I chose not to expand so that I am not influencing his path. Something that is important to me. He must not feel like I am drawing a line in the sand, I respect him and will not be anything other then a constant line of support. So I prayed and the only thing that came to mind was getting my Strong’s and doing a word study on “abomination”. What does it mean, bow is it used and what else is abominable in the bible? What is still recognized as abominable? Is it old covenant or new? Is it just for the Hebrew nation or for everyone? What does it mean today and does it still apply? Consider that some customs have passed away with time. Like plundering your enemies, or murder. God had David slaughter whole countries….not something that is done anymore is it? So somethings do go away with time when it comes to traditional biblical themes. Does abominations do too? 
In this series I am going to study the word and go through and read every scripture and dissect what it says and how the word is used according to the NKJV and a Strong’s Concordance. Were going to find out together and were going to get the tools necessary for us to move on in love when we face this. Which we will. If we have confidence in what is really meant by the word and what it means today then when someone shouts it out as an insult it won’t mean anything, because we know the truth. They may as well about out “your a turkey baster, your going to hell” that is ridiculous, right? Because we KNOW that its not true. The notion is not even worth giving thought to as a serious consideration.
I hope you will go on this journey with me and allow yourself to be armed. I can promise one thing before I start this: I know that God loves me and He has not condemned us in today’s world. We are created in His image and He sent Himself to be a reconciliation blood sacrifice for our sins so that we can again be perfect in His sight. He sees everyone of us through the perfection of His son Jesus. I know this. Journey with me please.
Next, Part 2, to be published here over the next few days. 
With Love
Jeff Utnage 823469