A Mother’s Love

Women have to do hard things
Like raise young women and men
Women face whatever life brings
Even when their hearts are achin’

Never would have thought
Mom could show me to be a man
Casting away the wisdom she brought
Of anyone else I was a fan

My Mother was beat, slapped, and rotten milk poured in her face
Trying to find me a Father, a man
They spit on her, abused her and tried to put her in her place
But she had a goal a master plan

If none were willing, if no man would try
She would do it alone
She would stay up at night, I could hear her cry
In her loneliness addiction became full grown

She didn’t give, she didn’t accept that life
She pushed on went to college and all
She beat the odds, late nights and much strife
I watched day after day as she would fall

But she always rose again
Never laying down for long
She would wait for no man for another chance to begin
She didn’t need a man to teach me to be strong

So when I came to prison there she was to hold me up
I certainly don’t deserve her love
But here she is, offering me her cup
Embracing me tightly, no matter how hard I shove

When those I’ve hurt ask her to forsake me
Even when their justified in doing so
She answers them sweetly
“Dear, you wouldn’t want me to forsake you though, no”

I sit back and I cry
I don’t deserve such a woman in my life
I swear I will not dishonor your love, letting the rest of my life go by
You have shown me already how to deal with strife

I can rise above, high above this all
Even if I fail at first
No matter how many times I fall
Even though it seems my life is cursed

You love me anyway, unwavering and true
You have shown me how to be a man
I had to come to prison to appreciate all that you do
I am so glad that I did, now I now the phrase “I can”

I will spend the rest of life making this right
I won’t allow your sacrifices to be for not
I have a goal, I have a plan, a sight
I had a great teacher, someone who sought

Thank you for fighting for me
When no one else would
Even when I said to let me rot, just let me be
You told me to pick myself up, you knew I could.

I won’t allow myself to fail
Thank you, for guiding me like a man could not
You made a way, You and God paved a trail
Know that I love you too, a lot.

For All Mothers Of Any Incarcerated…
Thank You

By Jeff Utnage 823469

Stafford Creek Correction Center
191 Constantine Way
Aberdeen, WA. 98520