Do You Believe In God? Feel Conflicted Because Your LGBTQ? Let’s Get This Straight
You can still believe in God as a gay man or lesbian or transgendered or whichever letter you are. I am well aware of what the Christian community says about us. I am going to ask that whether you currently believe or not to just listen to me. Give me the ten minutes it will take to read this.
God doesn’t hate LGBTQ. God made us. Period, end of story. I know this because God created animals and there are over 1600 animal species that mate for life with the same sex. They didn’t “learn” it from TV or the neighbor. God made them that way. If God who can do no wrong made them, why are we the exception? In short, were not the exception. However, certain Christians need us to be the target so they feel better about their own sin. So long as were the abomination, they aren’t so bad because at least they aren’t gay. 
Still with me? Good. Now let’s move on to the dreaded scripture that are used to condemn us. These scriptures are 1 Corinthians 6:9, Romans 1:24, and Leviticus 18:22. Leviticus is Old Testament and if they bring that up then they must also bring up the entire Levitical Law. Which they have broken heir whole life. If they have ever masturbated to the image of anyone outside of their marital partner they are Adulterers according to Jesus and are deserving of death according to Levitical Law. So let’s move on shall we?
New Testament scripture in Romans and 1 Corinthians is the more common one to be brought up. Mainly because most mature Christians know better then to quote Levitical Law. We were given 11 commandments. 10 written on stone tablets and one given by Jesus Christ, which is to Love one another. I would beg you to research those commandments and to find out which one is broken with homosexuality. Let’s just get that out there. Either we live by the testimony of Jesus Christ or we do not. Jesus never spoke of LGBTQ anything. So with this basis we look at those two scriptures in the new testament. Romans talks about exchanging the natural use of the woman for a man. Women taking men’s places and men taking women’s places. Even if it is talking about homosexuality it doesn’t condemn the practice, it suggests that the exchange is the penalty. Since it is so unclear, it cannot be used to condemn us seeing as how God also created animals to practice the same. 
Now, Corinthians. Only modern translations say homosexual. Older, historically accurate version says effeminate or sodomites. A sodomite is one who has intercourse with animals. Effeminate is one who is soft. Pretty unclear if you ask me. I have so much info on this topic. I have spent the past four years researching homosexuality in the bible. I am going to write a book about it.
Some Christians condemn us, God does not. Man has interpreted the bible his own way to justify his lawless hatred. Just like they did with slavery, making women second class citizens or less then men, justifying genocide and the crusades. Now its being interpreted to justify the extinction of the LGBTQ community. Believe in God dears. There is nothing wrong with it. His people suck, but He loves us all anyway. We suck sometimes too. Admit it, you haven’t been nice to everyone, have you? Why would God allow your mistakes, but not another’s? We screw up people. Its okay. God wants us to do good, to play nice and we should try. But were just flesh and blood. Repent, try again tomorrow. His grace renews every morning.
With Love
Jeff Utnage