Latest LGBTQ Prison News: Stafford Creek Edition
Allright, so its not real news, but it is an update on the current LGBTQ happenings at this facility. June is LGBTQ Awareness month. This is monumental because hatred of gays here and intolerance of homosexuality has traditionally been perpetuated by staff. Now that localized administration has intervened and mandated new rules and regulations it has become evident that those who support segregation are being pushed to evolve and tolerate. This is however being done in baby steps but noticeable action has been taken.
From the inmates perspective many here support such ideals as long as their agenda gets pushed as well. Many guys here support regimental ideologies and practices. Though that is less because they support it and more because they are used to it during incarceration. Many guys here are extremely self-absorbed and will bully anyone out of what they want. It has been my experience that even the bullies in here tolerate LGBTQ happenings. Strangely enough. If I had to guess I’d say this is due largely to their inability to compartmentalize us as men and because there is a lack of immediately accessible feminism, we are the closest they come to female interaction.
In other news my proposal for a peer support system is being reviewed for finalization in June. This is appropriate because June is national Pride Festivals and things like this are expected and I think there will be less resistance as a result. The LGBTQ community is extremely happy about this development and it is highly anticipated by some and others are non-believing. Once we have our first group session I anticipate lots of participation. It is also my hope that we will get lots of attendees that are not identifying as LGBTQ so that the tolerance message can be spread with accuracy. 
In an unrelated front I am participating in a program that is attacking disease in prison. 20% of inmates have HEP C, mainly due to careless injection drug use. As soon as I get permission from the project sponsors I will be excitedly reporting on their actions here. In the mean time I am learning about how to educate the inmate population on accurate safe practices. One tip you might not know? Burning the needle for tattooing or injections or piercings does not sterilize. Just because its been in fire does not mean its safe to use without getting HEP C.

That’s all the time I have today, and all the room.

With Love
Jeff Utnage 823469