How To Tell If Your Man Is Gay

This is a question I get sometimes. First, ladies, its OK to wonder if your men are gay. Especially if your gaydar is pinging. So here are some helpful things to look for:
1) Check his internet search history, your looking for gay porn. Though most people know how to clear their search history. If this is the case, go in and change the settings to allow search history to display again. Then check it after he’s been alone for a few hours.
2) Go to craigslist, click into casual encounters m4m and you’ll see that all of the titles are one color, except the ones that have clicked. They turn a purple hue. Again, you can reset this, but usually they don’t know how.
3) Does he ask you to dominate in the bedroom? Not just wear leather and the such, but physically take the role of a man. If he has tried to get you to be this type of adventurous… he’s at least wondering
4) Toys, does he use them on himself? Use your smell check girls! Sounds gross, but its the only way. Smells like booty? Probably wasn’t yours.
5) Is he extremely defensive about the subject? Does he get violent over the question “are you gay?”. Often we will protect our secret passionately, so be careful, some guys get physical over this. You will need to make him feel comfortable to confess. This means in a loving way.
6) Do you have gay friends? Bring them around. A straight guy is pretty comfortable with us, there will be some awkward moments, but its a fun time. However, the closeted gay will be especially intrigued by them, probably expressing discomfort with their presence.

I want to add something to this ladies, a disclaimer. You should be aware that this is a sensitive topic. Its not right to use this against him. After all, some men can choose to be this way while some cannot. I know guys that are situationally homosexual. Like “prison gay”. While some just have it hidden, they do love you but are scared of what it means for them. Will it ruin the marriage, are their children involved, what will his friends and family think? These are all prohibiting factors for a man to stay closeted. You cannot force a man or woman out of the closet. You must, must, must understand that all you can do is make them feel comfortable enough to come out. You do that by being a very understanding friend, not a ruthless b***h. 
Just because he may be gay, doesn’t mean its the end of the world. Nurture him and he’ll be your best friend for life, probably a better father because now he’s comfortable in his own skin and free of all secrets.

Be well and love one another.
With Love
Jeff Utnage 823469