Thanks/Praise to God

At one time he used to idolize them, now he looks at them with disgust

He used to think they was his friends, but now he would never give any of them his trust

All anyone ever did was shake him like a leaf & leave him in the dust

Where they all at now, when he at his worst & the chips is down?

They still out there living life, running a muck around town

He not even in any one of their thoughts

But when he was out & they wanted to get high, wanted to party or wanted a female, they ways came around

They all had his cell number & they all always knew where he could be found

Now, he ain’t seen them or heard not even the slightest peep or sound

Why in the heck did he even BEGIN to call these people his friends?

Nah, they was really just monkeys on his back

Now that he rid off all the evil influences, his life is starting to be on the RIGHT track

Fortunately he stepped out the game with his health, his mind & all his limbs intact

With a REAL dermination to never again be derailed

His family has sat by as witnesses TOO many times as he has failed

He wants nothing more in life than for his Lord, his Mother, Father, Brother, Sister & Aunties to see him be a success

For once, he wants to involve people in something that don’t have to do with drugs, violence, or crime

He wants to set an example of how life is full of lemons & limes

That can turn into milk, honey & all kinds of sweets

He knows without an iota of success, his life will never be complete

That being said, he dares not & has VOWED to NOT EVER to go back to the streets

He’s strapped on his cleats

And he’s fighting as hard as he can, refusing to accept defeat

Refusing to be beat

Some would say since he is in prison: “How can you even compete?”

He says: “WATCH ME, it ain’t over till they drape me in white sheets”!!!

As long as his resources never deplete

He gonna make it SKEET! SKEET! SKEET!

His ambition is to have them HATERS eating outta his hands & kissing his feet!!!

He don’t forget what he came from & he remembers the “Hood Legends” he once idolized

He wishes all the ones still alive well but it’s time to say: “GOODBYE!” to them guys

Unless they can come together to set a positive example for next generations

Teach them not to worship & glorify anything but GOD & not to look at neighborhood criminals with veneration

Because in the end, them friends ain’t got nobody back, they only out for self

That’s why people in the game got the SHORTEST expiration date of anything on the shelf

He has seen how drugs & bullet holes can take a toll on & affect your health

He has seen good people die all in the cause of accumulation of wealth

The Devil operates in stealth

Lurking in the shadows, waiting for an opportunity to claim another soul

So seek refuge in God & don’t fall into the Devil’s hole!!!

Thanks for your time!!!

Jonathan Gordon 793350
Stafford Creek Corrections Center 
Aberdeen,WA 98520

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Thanks/Praise to God


Cooked like a bakery

Even a blind person could see right through the fakery

Can’t escape, can’t escape, can’t escape the PAST

In a cold turn in the sequence of events, one minute he thought he was on top

Then the next thing he knew, he watched himself drop drop, drop, DROOOP

He fell flat on his back with no cushion

Never thought he’d find it in himself to keep it pushin

Can’t escape, can’t escape, CAN’T ESCAPE YOUR FATE


Lookin up at the sky with tears drippin from his eyes asking God: “Why? Why? Why?”


He never meant no harm, all he ever wanted was a piece of the pie,

Instead, what he got wasn’t what he had ever bargained for

What he got was a train running right over him on the tracks

He wish he could do it all over again & give the live he choose back

Can’t escape, can’t escape, can’t escape The CONSEQUENCES OF BAD ACTIONS!!!

Being on top is one thing, but staying there is another

The punishment he’s living in, he wouldn’t wish up on his worst enemy or any other

It’s been a struggle just to be sane & find a purpose to keep wanting to wake up

The horrors he faces everyday, not even the most imaginative of minds could make up

Not only HIS life, but the lives of his family members got a complete shake up

Can’t escape, can’t escape, can’t escape The suffering & pain


Wrecked like a train

This is something he never saw coming, never did he expect, & can’t justify or explain

They say: “What’s done is done, the past is history.”

They also say: “The ways in which God works is a mystery.”

Yeah, that’s true, but it’s NOT SO EASY TO ACCEPT for one whose life is nothing but misery

They also say: “Let bygones be bygones.”

Yet you can’t escape the bygones when your past leaves you haunted

At one time he thought he’d have all the material things he’d ever wanted

He thought he was “That Guy” & he wasn’t afraid to flaunt it…

He was a stranger in his own world not knowing his own place

Until reality rose up & smacked him DEAD across his face!!!

Can’t escape, can’t escape, can’t escape REALITY

With out risk, there’s no reward

This is the ultimate loss he just can’t afford

Yet fortunately instead of crumbling…He rose above the circumstances of the situation, he spread his wings & soared

He now knows what it is to be humbled & floored

Reflecting on that time when the tears had poured & poured & poured
& poured

Come to find out the one’s he hurt most, was ones he loved & adored

Completely absorbed

In his own world of: MADE UP reality

He’s just now coming into his own

From the time he was little till the time he was grown

The seeds for destruction
had been sown

Now today, the most contact he has with his family is through a GTL phone

Not fitting in, in the environment he’s confined to, day by day he walks the path alone

Everywhere he looks, most people put on a facade that seems hard as stone

Afraid to put any of their emotions or feelings on a sleeve

But deep down inside all they can do is feel miserable & grieve

Because the feelings of bitterness, hate & depression just
won’t seem to leave

The people he comes across in his walk who aggravate & intentionally push buttons is his big pet peeve 

It’s already bad enough

For him to have to deal with all this other CRAZY stuff

On top of having to don this perpetual facade of being tough

Fully aware that the road ahead is really jagged & rough

But old habits DIE HARD, so sometimes when forced to think off the cuff

Bad decisions rule the day…

Can’t escape, can’t escape…

Thanks for your time!!!

Jonathan Gordon 793350
Stafford Creek Corrections Center 
Aberdeen,WA 98520

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Thanks/Praise to God



Separated from all he loves & holds dear

Then being told he won’t be reunited with them for the next 22 YEARS!!!

The idea of how this all came about STILL ain’t so clear

One minute you’re in the mix, right in the middle & thick of it

Surrounded by unlimited access to drugs & Chix

The next you’re away from it all in a far off place, 


On a old rickety steel bunk lookin at Girly Flix

And in the visiting room with Fam taking pics

This is 24 hours a day with no vacation, he under the the authority of tyrannical oppressors who act like their power is unencumbered

Basically left to fend for himself to his own devices, TERRIBLY outnumbered


They wanna keep him held down with eyes closed by lolling him into a never ending slumber

But if you sleep, you fall & crash like the Northwest’s finest lumber

Oppressors seeking to pacify his mind with frivolous games & frivolous entertainment so he’ll go dumber, dumber, & dumber

Because he’s—ISOLATED

Banished—living in a constant state of Deprivation

Always reminded of the anxiety of separation

Being separated from YOUR LIFE!!!

Being alienated, subjugated & ISOLATED

Banished & kept away from the free society

Cause he couldn’t obey the rules they deemed as PROPRIETY

He sees the world & himself through a different lense

Now that he has felt SOBRIETY

And his mind has been CLEANSED

But none of that matters to DOC, they still treat him WORSE than a feral wild ANIMAL!!!

Because he’s BANISHED

Feeling the repercussions of being:


Being told what you can & can’t have, his every worldly possession is limited by policy WAC rules & RCW’s

Lessons to be learned: 
never put yourself in a place where you loose control of your life & others make your decisions for you!!!

NEVER put yourself in a position where you can be:



Thanks for your time!!!

Jonathan Gordon 793350
Stafford Creek Corrections Center 
Aberdeen,WA 98520

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