LGBT Struggle VS Black Struggle: Hot Topic 
While most are afraid of talking about the black struggle in America unless they are black. I am not. First let me say that I acknowledge that there is a struggle. I also acknowledge that it IS racism. There, that’s our foundation.
Having said that, can we compare the LGBTQ struggle to the racism struggle? In my opinion, yeah. While some might feel that the two cannot be compared because you cannot hide your skin color, but you can hide your sexuality. In essence, one is choice and the other is not. For those of you who take this position what if I told you I didn’t have a choice? What if I was born gay? Does that make a difference? What if I couldn’t hide my flamboyant mannerisms? Are they comparative then? Or, does the African american struggle still trump every other bigotry? Is that struggle still a class all its own. 
I hate racism. I, truthfully, don’t care who agrees with my opinion. From this angle, hiding may be a choice for some; but not for this queer. Hiding is out of the question. So as far as I’m concerned if the same people who hate blacks, hate me, then what’s the difference? We are stronger united why should they fight us on different fronts? Why do they get the tactical advantage. This is 2016 and segregation is no longer necessary! Blacks have whole groups who formed against them. Guys who do nothing all day but hoot and holler about race purity and all that garbage. Well, gays have whole religious groups who do nothing all day but hoot and holler about religious purity. Looking similar yet? 
Like blacks we are targeted based on something out of our control. Anyone can have sex with the same sex, but you don’t enjoy it unless your gay. Liking the same sex isn’t a choice and as far as I’m concerned hiding my sexuality is not an option. I read somewhere “I’m not going to set myself on fire to keep you warm”. 
While the black struggle is brutal and viciously fought, so is the LGBTQ struggle. While there are differences that are valid and logical and earned. Our similarities bind us together with a common adversary, hate. 
Hate is ugly and rampant. Hate wants us divided, to see our differences, to fight separately. Why? Because we are weaker then. There isn’t as many of us to manipulate. However, if we stood side by side and held each other up, what then? We are not weak? We are strong. You are strong. Together we can face our common adversary and overcome anything. So long as our differences are a separation tool they will be used to keep us apart. Then hate in all its forms gets the advantage because we are defeating each other. 
Well I’m not OK with that. This topic was recently brought up here in prison. Keep in mind that segregation is still the ‘norm’ here. Its still the standard. In here we have guys from all races who use their struggle as a means to file lawsuits. To them, being discriminated against solely and more then anyone else gives them an advantage in a lawsuit. To some, this argument of black and gay equality hurts their hustle. Or their reasons to be angry at the world. Anger cripples us, keeps us in a state where our thoughts are skewed. Closed. Some blacks in here have experienced some very real hatred and some VERY real discrimination. Why face that alone? What’s the point? Like I said he same hate that targets you targets me. This doesn’t separate us but unite us.

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With Love
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