Why Coming Out Is So Important: Especially When Others Are Uncomfortable With It
Coming out of the closet isn’t about other people. Its about you. Its really about fear. People stay in the closet out of fear. Fear of rejection, loss of support, shame, religious persecution and now death (among many many other types of fear). While someone stays in the closet those things hold a grip on our mind. It effects our emotional state and responses to situations. 
But when you come out you are making a statement to yourself. You are telling yourself “I am overcoming this fear”. That is incredibly empowering for an individual who has been trapped by this. Its often a breakthrough moment that is life changing. 
One of the biggest obstacles is other people. Those that are around say things like ” I don’t have a problem with gays so long as they dont get all flamboyant or start acting like women” or “It seems like everyone’s shoving LGBT down my throat, my morals are being compromised” or my favorite ” We don’t mind gay people, but we hate their sins”. All of these are components to why someone would not come out. Those around them are making it clear that they are uncomfortable with LGBT and that is when its most important to come out. Because its not for them, its for you. 
Coming out is defying your fear of societal rejection. Its telling yourself “no matter what happens I am going to love myself and be comfortable in my own skin”. 
A part of coming out is finding your home. Not where you grew up, but your place in life. Being out usually means your going to want to do some things you’ve never done before, like seek out gay communities or other LGBTQ related places. Like social organizations, night clubs or friends. When you do come out you identify with one of the following L,G,B,T,Q,A,I,P,GQ or Q. For me my home rests comfortably in Gender Queer, or GQ. I rest there when things get rough, or some calls me a faggot or I get hated for any number of reasons. I look to those letters and all who dwell in them and find peace and love within those walls. I hope that each and every one of you do the same. While there are many things one could fear in life, ones own identity should NEVER be one of them.

With Love
Jeff Utnage 823469