Cracking The Recidivism Code
In order to seriously tackle recidivism we are going to need to look at it with new eyes. We are going to have to end the vengeful attitude of an eye for an eye. 
There are two root approaches to dealing with criminals. One is punishment. The other is treatment.
The punishment side is nurtured by those who need vengeance, retribution. I am not saying it as an entirely bad thing. Anyone who has been the victim of a criminal knows how hard it would be to love someone who wrongs them. By love I mean “treat”. 
Punishment has been the main goal of the criminal justice system. In times past is was hangings or making them fight ungodly beasts for public entertainment or sending them to some remote island. That’s how Australia was founded, btw. 
More recently criminals were out in segregation for long periods. Then, simple isolated by concrete walls.
But, when these things were being done criminal activity didn’t stop…obviously. So they weren’t a deterrent at all. Maybe for a few. But for the majority of criminals there is something else driving them. The Penitentiary system was first created in America in the 1600’s. Its design was to isolate for a time so the man being driven to commit sin could find God and become Penitent. Basically get rid of the demons.
For some this notion sounds ridiculous and the modern Penitentiary system is more a harbouring for the criminally insane. But, it was a crack at fixing the broken rather then throwing them away. 
Which leads me to option two, treatment. This is the modern approach in which whenever its employed the local Government is chastised. I have a bold statement guys, brace yourself. Making sure that another human being suffers as much as the victim makes you no better then the perpetrators. In fact, it equalizes the two of you. I’m sorry, but that’s my opinion. In fact, I’m not even sorry for it. Some guys can’t be helped, or don’t want help. And for them, yeah, lock them away. They will make themselves clearly known, trust me. 
But for those that want help and are capable of receiving it…why not give it to them? 

The reality is we are all effected by crime, so its in everyone’s interest to get involved in recidivism. We need employers and community organizations to step up and take an active role in us. There are some of us who are investing in ourselves, we are still worth your time.

With Love
Jeff Utnage 823469