1) Talk to people, face-to face: Not investigate, talk. Get to know the people you live around. Do it in short, quick interactions if necessary. 

WHY: This is the beginnings of community support. Knowing there is someone who cares enough to ask about you can make all the difference in moral decisions.

2) Find what community org.’s exist and serve your community.

WHY: Community org.’s exist to solve a problem, often a very specific one. This allows you to know what problems exist in your community, you just might be able to help.

3) Mentor

WHY: Mentoring is dying in our country. The mentor/mentee relationship is extremely fulfilling. You have a skill…pass it to someone who wants it, it will change both your lives.

4) Volunteer

WHY: With more involvement more can be accomplished. Plus, people need you. My heart is in criminal reform, my suggestion is to connect with a local jail, prison, or institution and volunteer. Rehabilitation programs are desperately needed, there are an abundance of programs but very few people to administer them. 2 hours a week can change 1000 lives, literally.

With Love
Jeff Jeffebelle Utnage