Deep Listening Social Experiment: Day 1 – 12-31-19   by   Ruth Utnage

Chris Majer points out in his book “The Power To Transform” that reading about some nifty skill doesn’t actually help you, putting it to use does. I learn best by doing. I think of it this way: if I read about losing weight, talk about wanting to lose weight, and do it everyday I will still not lose weight. Why? Because I have to practice it, I must do.

I learn best by doing. So we constructed a social experiment that will last 45 days beginning 12*31*2019 and ending 2*13*2020. Our researchers are Rory, Quinton and I and for 45 days we are going to practice 4 key skills in relationship building and track how our network changes over a 45 day period, if at all. By the end we hope to have accomplished 2 things:

1. How to make deep connections with the kind of people who are best suited for the support we need as we traverse the caste systems of life.

2. Be able to use deep listening skills and lift people up as a standard that comes naturally.

Over the next 6 and a half weeks we will be tracking these intentional interactions and debriefing ourselves through writing and at the end of this we are going to write a report with our findings, focusing on how our network changed and what was the causes of those changes.

If this sounds interesting to you, you can do it along with us if you’d like, comment your interest and I will publish the instructions.

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Ruth Utnage

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