The Most Influential Piece Of Literature I’ve Ever Read: The Master Plan by Chris Wilson   by   Ruth Utnage

It’s been weeks since I’ve read this book. I sat down on a Friday night and by that Sunday morning it was complete. Have you ever had a rush of cold air just when you were barely able to breathe? It felt like that.

This guy put to words how I have been doing my time. I am a motivated woman, relentlessly so. I am dedicated to my personal change and continued growth. This guy is on another level when it comes to belief and I want a whole lot of that.

I owe one serious thank you to Defy Ventures Washington’s for buying all of us who graduated a copy of this book. Life changing, game changer, uplifting, motivating…I’m making all my friends read it, because the are all just like this guy, we all are.

Do you want to know what rehabilitated does? Read this book then look at any one of us who write here and you’ll see that reflected, and if you don’t, you need to get to know us!

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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