This Trans-Woman’s Opinion On Our Current Political Climate: Governmental Cleansing    by    Ruth Utnage

This is my opinion about how to fix our Republic. Get rid of every single political figure. Fire them all. Mayors, Governors, House Representatives, Senators, Congress, Supreme Court judges, Cabinet, RNC/INC/DNC members…everyone, fire them all.

Keep our military active and for a few weeks hold elections for every single office, with one proviso: if you’ve EVER held an office in the government EVER or ANYWHERE you are NOT ALLOWED to run for ANY OFFICE. Get an entirely new representation.

Then, end lobbying. You would not be allowed to accept donations for campaign financing or other. Campaign donations would be collected and allotted equally to the candidates in respective parties by time in the campaign. Everyone gets “x” amount of dollars for “x” amount of time and how you spend that is up to you, so be frugal and show the American people how responsible you are willing to be with our money.

Cleanse our government by getting rid of the people who are currently destroying our sovereignty! All of them, the whole lot.

Then, hold votes for these really divisive issues so that the representatives that are about to be elected in my proposed fix understand precisely what the American public think about things. No more guess work, no more lobbying dollars, no more media rhetoric, no more b.s. …Force them to focus on the tasks we need them to handle instead of garbage pail politics aimed to force extreme viewpoints on the public as reality.

But hey, what do I know…

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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