Thank you and keep your head up    by    James Cody Goodwin

I want to thank the people from the U.W. book club for all of their support. I also want to thank those at the Seattle clemency project for the hard work they have done on my behalf.

If I don’t make it out of here, if this virus is brought in here by the people working here and it kills me, I just wanted to thank all of you awesome people.

There are a lot of elderly men in here, and a lot of us who were sentenced as juveniles who never knew another life. some of us serving unconstitutional sentences. we are not sentenced to death although we have spent life times in here. we know that when this virus sweeps its way in, we are so screwed.

I just wanted to thank you all, all you readers and supporters.

Love you.
James Cody Goodwin. 764730.