Experiencing Changes With Hormone Replacement Therapy     by    Ruth Utnage

I began hormone replacement therapy (HRT) 6 weeks ago and despite all literature I read beforehand I was unprepared for the journey. I have to move my arms differently to avoid hitting my breasts, because as those suckers develop they hurt. Who knew?

There are many changes I am experiencing besides the breast development pain. Cravings…ugh…I have had quite the thing for pickles, hot and spicy pickles at that and more recently it has been spicy pickles and frosting. It’s not that it tastes good per se, its that it satisfies a craving and in that, amazing!

With the near stop of testosterone production I have experienced an absolute drop in libido, as its clinically referred to. When I mean drop, I mean a total stoppage, never even crosses my mind until I realize that it hasn’t crossed my mind. Not saying its a bad thing either, in fact, I’m quite pleases about it.

Other than that, I cry a lot more. I spend a lot more time ruminating on other peoples feelings, particularly when I think they’re being wronged. When a male acts aggressively I recategorize him into one of two groups: aggressive on my behalf or aggressive towards me. When its on my behalf I tend to draw nearer and the latter, well, I push away. Both of which are new.


I like change.

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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