Fed up with the bullshit!    by   James Cody Goodwin

Another day and just my wing is back on so called quarantine. that means locked down in a cell within arms reach of another human all day everyday. so much for social distancing.

Last quarantine happened because a guy on our tier who works in the kitchen got sick. not with covid. we got off quarantine and he went back to work. In the kitchen.

Now the same guy is sick again. we are back on quarantine. just our tier. this man spends more time every day in the kitchen preparing and serving food with coworkers from EVERY unit and many different tiers but only this one tier is locked down leaving the rest of the exposed kitchen workers to go back to their units and recreate exposing the ENTIRE population to this virus.

There is no social distancing between the incarcerated individuals working in the kitchen, nor is there any between them and the outside staff who work with them. they stand side by side on the serving line every meal serving food.

Most of the sick have worked in the kitchen.

But hey, its all good because this one tier has gone on some arbitrary lockdown.

Last time we went on so called quarantine for fourteen days and not one staff of Sargent rank or higher ever spoke to us or told us what was going on it was left to us to assume. but I’m past caring at this point because it is all bull shit. it does not matter because D.O.C. is going to keep locking down a minimum of inmates leaving us at risk as others just as exposed or worse are running around. Correctional industries needs it money which means it needs its inmate slaves working in the kitchen, in the CI commissary and in its other sweat shops in prison.

DOC claims to do contact mapping when someone gets sick and to respond by quarantining those who were possibly exposed. bullshit. Correctional Industries inmate slave laborers get sick and only the tier they live on gets locked down not their co workers and not those who share living spaces with them. that would mean to many CI employees not working to make them money.

The bottom line is my life and the lives of everyone I am locked up with are being placed In jeopardy. this is beyond a matter of my being incarcerated for a crime, this is life and death. If the state wanted to kill me it should have had the guts to do so at sentencing instead of charging my seventeen year old ass as an adult and locking me up for fourty years. I will not submit quietly while the dogs of the state continuously expose me to this virus so that Correctional industries can maintain its work force. they have not the authority nor any kind of right imaginable to threaten my existence nor any one else’s.

Those who speak out and who protest, especially non violently, have the tendency to be buries in isolation. so if you don’t hear from me, keep the faith stay safe and never quietly submit to the state.

In solidarity.

James Cody Goodwin